UNIQUE CYCLE WORK starts from a twenty-year experience gained in KUSTOMAZING world by Marco Pucciarelli and Vincenzo Innella.

“UNIQUE CYCLE WORK project is contextualized in the CAFÉ RACER, BOBBER & SCRAMBLER world, and its purpose is to realize “contaminated” motorcycles, inspired to the VINTAGE universe, with a particular attention to HOT ROD and its two-wheels shapes and metamorphosis.
The aim is to realize out of every conventional logic motorcycles, to research and experience a new VISION, using out of traditional standard motorcycles and tools, with a focus about attention to detail and realizing unique motorcycles.
We don’t reply our products, but we look for customized motorcyles for each customer.
Our logo is explicative to mark our attention about the two-wheels experimentation, without forgetting what the motorcycles universe offers and contains.
Shortly WEB SHOP section will be active, with a particular attention about our unique products and the achievement of home made stuff with our design, hardly available on other sites.”


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